9 Reasons Why Kenya Is The Top Safari Destination In 2021

Planning a trip to Africa can be daunting especially if you still have no idea where to go. If you already have your heart set on Kenya, then you’re up for some serious adventure. If not, well, maybe if you’d understand why we love Kenya then you will love it, too. Either way, here are our top 9 reasons why Kenya is the top safari destination in 2021:




Kenya is the top safari destination in 20181: African Safari Central

Albeit unofficially proclaimed, Kenya has always been known to be the “Classic Africa” — no wonder why the original films of Disney’s The Lion King were inspired here. Home to Africa’s most iconic parks, conservancies and game reserves, Kenya guarantees some of the most exotic, diverse and breathtaking wildlife you will ever see. From the famous Big Five to wild animals that can only be found in this part of the world, Kenya will not disappoint. When it comes to topography, Kenya has scenery that knows no bounds. It features an unrivaled land of diversity and contrast. From vast savannah plains, gorgeous mountains and intriguing woodlands to lush forests and hot deserts to turquoise seas, winding rivers and beautiful white sand beaches!

The best part of Kenya being a top safari destination is, you get to experience all these in the raw! You can see lions, cheetahs, zebras, gazelles and a lot more animals in their natural habitat. If you’re lucky, you can even touch them, feed them and ride them! All you need is an expert guide and a reliable Kenya safari tour operator to bring you to the right places at the right times.

Great migration river crossing in Mara River2: The Great Migration

Imagine millions of wildebeests accompanied by thousands of zebras, gazelles, and impalas thundering the plains of Masai Mara as they move from one place to another in search for better grazing. Around the end of July to September, these animals go through a dramatic river crossing at the crocodile-infested Mara River. This event is deemed a Natural World Wonder and is often coined “The World Cup of Wildlife.” By October through November, the survivors congregate around Masai Mara as they prepare to move back to the Serengeti for food and water. Of course, all throughout their journey, predators are lurking around, waiting for the perfect time to go for a kill. This action-packed annual event is certainly a bucket list experience. Where else should you go to witness this spectacle of nature than to Kenya, the quintessential African top safari destination?

Vibrant city of Nairobi3: Top 3 World Destination for 2019

Did you know that Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, was coined the “Most Intelligent City in Africa”? It has also been awarded as the third best World Destination for 2019 by TripAdvisor. It really is no surprise. Nairobi is one of the most developed cities in the entire continent especially when we talk about infrastructure. With a high-speed internet connection, good roads, a myriad of international, domestic and military airports, excellent housing, a forward-moving economy and a 24/7 business hub that offers something for everyone, Kenya is slowly moving toward the Second World Rank and onto the First World Rank in the coming years. Truly, Kenya is the top safari destination in 2019.

Luxury camping in Kenya4: Plenty of Accommodation Options

The accommodation options in Kenya is as diverse and abundant as its wildlife. They range from child-friendly to romantic, budget to luxury, shared area to exclusive. Rooms are specially designed to ensure comfort, facilities are made available to warrant entertainment and relaxation, and safari tents are spaced far apart to give enough privacy.

If you are not into staying in the wild, a wide array of the continent’s finest 5-star hotels is at your disposal. If, on the other hand, you’d love to rough it out a little bit, Kenya also offers impressive camping sites. This way, you won’t only enjoy a star-lit evening in the bush but you also get to sojourn with nature and maybe even meet fellow adventurers! The coolest thing? Camping sites and lodges are situated in the most safari-centric locations!

White sand beach in Kenya5: Tropical Weather

Kenya is geographically located on the equator. That means the temperature in this country is pretty constant all year-round. If you’re up for taking a break with your heavy winter clothes, fur coats and layers, head on to Kenya to enjoy beautiful tropical weather. In there, you can enjoy long sunny days and stunning evenings under the stars.

Like a cherry on top, Kenya also boasts of an astounding string of white sand beaches, diving spots, and fishing areas. From kiting to beach volleyball to scuba diving, the shores of Kenya has a lot to offer even to the little children! So if you think about it, you get to experience the bush AND enjoy the beach. It’s the best of both worlds!

Horseback riding in the Mara6: Adventure at its finest

With unparalleled natural beauty, amazing wildlife, a wide array of accommodation options, beautiful weather and pristine beaches plus the Great Migration, you’d think that’s enough. But then again, Kenya has so much more to offer. With all these and more, it is only proven further that Kenya is the top safari destination for 2019.

Some camps in Kenya features Adventure Club for kids. In these clubs, the kids are left to learn new things and at the same time have fun. The basics of the wild, conservation strategies and respect to the environment are some of the things that kids will learn. Childminders are also available upon request. With this option, Kenya proves to be a top safari destination for families.

Hot air balloon safari in Masai Mara

7: More adventure

For mountaineers and fitness enthusiasts, you can trek Africa’s second highest peak, Mount Kenya. It is not only magnificent in beauty, but it is also very rugged and challenging. Plus, when you’re in the summit, you get sweeping views of the entire country. An absolute sight to behold!

Kenya also offers unique and exciting activities for everyone. In the inland of Northern Kenya, you can try world-class horseback and camel riding. Balloon safaris are also common. Imagine floating on top of prolific wildlife and enjoying a picturesque bird’s eye view of Kenya’s gorgeous plains and savannahs. If you do this early in the morning, you also get to savor the beauty of the Kenyan sunset. Then, once you land, you get to enjoy a sumptuous breakfast in the midst of the wild.

As if the adventure on your actual game drives is not enough, Kenya also boasts of a myriad of thrilling activities. These hair-raising activities include ziplining, tree-top walking, race kart driving, Paintball, biking, wind- and kite-surfing and even skydiving! There are certainly a lot of ways to go wild in Kenya.

Kid enjoying at Elephant Pepper Camp8: Ethnic Diversity

Kenya is a country that hosts various cultures and a fascinating blend of people. In here, you get to meet them and immerse in their cultures. The Maasai, Swahili, Samburu, El Molo, Turkana, Pokot, and Rendille are some of the many tribes that you can see. What makes this more interesting is that you might be able to participate in some of their traditions and ceremonies. You might even learn how to make bead chokers and cook their local meals! Plus, you can learn their tribal dances like you’re partying with them!


Friendly people in Kenya9: Friendly People

A lot of friendly smiles are ready to welcome you from the moment you step your foot at the airport. This continues on with the locals you meet and the people who’ll take care of you. Dubbed to have some of the friendliest people in the world, a trip to Kenya would naturally make you feel like you’re home away from home.

If you want to make sure you are in good hands, book with a safari operator whose staff is not only friendly but are also experts in every way. For a tried-and-tested service, check Flash McTours’ Kenya safari tours and you’ll be guaranteed an unforgettable adventure.



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