Are Kenya Safaris Safe? Our COVID-19 Protocols for Your Safety

Are Kenya Safaris Safe? Our COVID-19 Protocols for Your Safety

As much as you may want to go on Kenyan safari, with the COVID-19 global pandemic, that may feel almost impossible. Is a wildlife safari even possible without a vaccine?

Whilst scientists continue their noble efforts to develop vaccines against the virus, life still goes on here in Kenya. African safaris are still possible and travel to Kenya is indeed possible.

Here, we’re going to be looking at:

  • The safety of Kenyan safaris in general
  • Measures taken by Flash MC Tours to make your African safari safe
  • All the other protocols in place to make your safari COVID-19 secure

Kenya Family Safari

Is Kenya safe as a travel destination for safaris?

Yes, we believe Kenya is safe to visit for your safari trip. Don’t just take our word for it, though. The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) has certified Kenya as one of 80 travel destinations with a “Safe Travel Stamp”. This means that the hygiene and safety protocols in place in the country have been viewed as safe and effective.

Kenya is recognised as a viable wildlife safari destination. As long as the current health protocols are followed, and here on the ground we can see they are, then your Kenyan safari will still be a success.

What are Flash MC Tours health and safety protocols for African safari?

We know how important it is to get people travelling again – to keep you living your dreams and to keep the economy moving. Flash MC Tours have adopted and enhanced the standard health and safety protocols as laid out by the tourism and hospitality industry.

Responsibility for keeping tourism alive rests with all of us. We are committed to making Kenyan safari a bucket list activity once more. To that end, here are the procedures we have adopted for your safety and reassurance.

Flash MC Tours safety procedures for office staff and safari guides

Each core member of our team has been tested and have a valid COVID-19 certificate to confirm they don’t have the virus. The certificate is issued from a recognized and government approved facility. After testing, our team strictly adhere to the COVID-19 prevention guidelines laid out by the Kenyan Ministry of Health (MOH).

Our team have all been issued with:

  • Approved face masks
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Soap to use at all handwashing facilities

With the entrance to all of our premises and safari locations providing running water.

Regular body temperature checks for our staff and our guests are important. To that end, everyone has been given a contactless thermometer for use throughout your Kenyan safari.

Our standard operating procedures (SOPs) for guest management have been updated. We’ve taken into account the protocols and guidelines issued by our MOH as well as the needs of our customers when designing our new procedures.

We hold a complete and up to date register of all of our staff and drivers. The safari team and office workers know to wash their hands or sanitize them as soon as they enter our or any other building. Washing or sanitizing is also completed:

  • After a uniform change
  • After using their lockers
  • Regularly throughout their work day
  • After touching communal surfaces

Our onsite and office safety protocols

Around all of our workplaces, we’ve put up signs and notices and sanitization processes. This includes reminders about handwashing, screening, and wearing face masks constantly.

We have designed a register for all of our guest and visitors. This includes addresses and mobile contact to all for contact tracing if ever needed.

Technology is driving force in keeping wildlife safaris safe and viable at the moment. We’ve automated booking processes, have upgraded online and mobile payment facilities, and avoid cash transactions wherever possible. We’re encouraging all of customers to contact us by phone or online so there’s less foot traffic in the office.

In our office, we keep all of the door wedged open. This means less people touching surfaces and better air flow through our spaces, too.

We’ve added more waste bins around our offices, as well. This means that masks can be disposed of safely with less contact.

In terms of our staff safety – we’ve confirmed all of our emergency contacts in case of any health emergencies. We’ve changed our working schedule, and where possible our team is working from home. Other cleaning protocols include:

  • Using high-quality sanitizers and disinfectants
  • Having wipes and sprays available to disinfect customer luggage
  • Regular sanitizing of touch points
  • Meticulous record keeping of cleaning procedures
  • Eliminating sharing of equipment such as phones, computers, tablets, and desks

How do safety procedures work when of Kenyan safari?

We understand you might be rather anxious about coming to Africa for safari at the moment. Here at Flash MC Tours, we know exactly what airports and hotels are doing to make your stay safe whilst on safari here in Kenya.

All of our safari vehicles are owned by us directly. We take responsibility for full cleaning and sanitisation of our wildlife safari vehicles during and after every trip. We will clean:

  • Handrails
  • Door handles
  • Seats
  • All other contact points

Before your trip and regularly during your Kenyan safari. In efforts to reduce contact points, the information you need, like park maps, will be stuck on the back of seats.

Whilst on the road, we’ve decided to give you, our guests, packed lunches rather than making stops for food, reducing your personal interactions. Whilst you’re on the move, we keep the windows open as much as the weather will allow to keep fresh air circulating.

On your trip, we will work to ensure you only encounter new team members when absolutely necessary. There’ll only ever be one guide in your vehicle at any time and we will keep meticulous logs of everyone you come into contact with, in case contact tracing may be needed.

Only your driver guide will be allowed to open the doors of your vehicle; we’ve asked hotel staff to not touch our vans and trucks at the moment. Your luggage is also our concern, and we have sanitizer and cleaning products on hand to keep them clean as you move between lodges and camps.

Driver and guest education

The more everyone knows about the procedures, the more they will be followed. Our staff are regularly trained and briefed about any changes in protocols and their responsibilities. Guests are also encouraged to be aware and vigilant of the COVID-19 preventative measures on safari.

If something where to go wrong during your wildlife safari in Kenya, all of our guides have a full list of reliable emergency contacts. It’s available in every vehicle, as well.

When you’re on safari, we ask you to avoid paying for food, trinkets, and souvenirs in cash. We’ll do all we can to help you pay by card or mobile services. Also for your protection, we always have face masks available for you and are happy to give them to anyone you come into contact with.

Keeping you socially distant and safe

Your driver knows not to make a stop at any place that’s not been prearranged. We’ve checked the safety of everywhere we stop. All of the:

  • Hotels
  • Boats
  • Airlines
  • Restaurants

We visit are all following government directives, just as we are.

There’ll be no more than seven people in our vans or land cruisers at any time. Your tour with us is private – you won’t be on your wildlife safari with strangers.

Everything you use, like water bottles or binoculars, will have your name labelled so they can’t be used by anyone else. You’re encouraged to sanitize everything regularly throughout your Kenyan safari experience.

Where are the popular Kenyan safari destinations during COVID-19?

Even during the current pandemic, we have been receiving enquiries and even bookings for wildlife safaris. We’re happy to accommodate our guests and assure you that Kenya is open for tourism. The most popular tours we’re doing at the moment are:

Arrange your Kenyan safari adventure today

We’re ready to welcome you on your African safari. We will work with your budget, schedule, and most importantly your dreams, to put together a safari package you won’t forget.

Please speak with us about any concerns you have. We are here to help and support you and give you an unforgettable safari, virus or not.

Imagine how amazing your safari photographs will be with fewer other guests around?


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