Maasai Women

Why A Maasai Village In Kenya Is Worth A Visit

You’ve seen those amazing photos of Maasai warriors adorned with the brilliant red, purple, and blue patterns of their shukas, standing tall and proud with their spears. Or maybe you’ve seen the pictures of their fierce women bejeweled with bright beaded earrings and scarves with the arid African savannah as their backdrop. This fascinating tribe resides in the areas surrounding the Maasai Mara in Kenya and northern Tanzania.

Experience A Safari Trip In Kenya

Kenya Safari Guide from Canada

Africa is a vast and exciting continent with so much to offer, covering a multitude of amazing countries including Tanzania, South Africa, and Egypt. However, if you’re looking for an authentic wildlife safari experience and unique adventures, Kenya is definitely the best place to be.

rhino in Nairobi National Park

Transit Visa Diaries: Nairobi Short-Stay Itineraries

Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, is a destination in itself. It is a bustling metropolitan that features a wealth of vibrant nightclubs, hipster hangouts, cultural spots and unique attractions that share space with fascinating wild animals. While some others deliberately stay for a vacation, most people merely pass through this vibrant-city-meets-wild haven. If you’re ever one of those who have a day to kill in Nairobi, this guide is for you!

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Nairobi city at night

Places to visit in Kenya: Beach, City, and Wildlife

Kenya is a fascinating country with the best of everything. And with affordable flights from different parts of the world, more and more people are choosing to travel to this magnificent country. Do you want to know the places to visit in Kenya — from beach, city and wildlife? Here you go…

lion family in Masai Mara

Top Kenya Wildlife Parks

With 23 National Parks and 15 National Reserves, it is no wonder why Kenya has always been a popular safari destination. So if you’re heading to Kenya or planning to visit anytime soon, this lists the top Kenya safari parks and everything you need to know about them.

Group joining safari in Kenya

What’s a Group-Joining Safari and How Is It Like?

Contrary to popular belief, African safari is not synonymous with luxury or non-budget traveling. In fact, there are a lot of ways to explore Africa on a budget. In East Africa, especially in Kenya, there are group-joining safaris that travelers can opt with.

Massive elephant herds in Amboseli National Park in Kenya

Kenya Guide from AU

Learn everything you need to know about traveling to Kenya from the Land Down Under, Australia! This guide discusses the best time to visit, how to get there, why Kenya is amazing and so much more.

Kenya Safari Guide from USA

Kenya Safari Guide from USA

Kenya is among the top safari destinations in the world. But compared to its closest rivals including South Africa and Tanzania, Kenya has more advantages. In contrast to South Africa, Kenya offers a more authentic National Geographic feels. Its landscape, wildlife and less modern infrastructure makes it more of the “real Africa.” As to comparing it with Tanzania, Kenya is indubitably more accessible and easier to fly into. Its main airport, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO), is one of the busiest airports in Africa, garnering millions of visitors each year. It also receives more flights from all over the world – UK and Europe, Middle East, Asia, Oceania and finally, North America.

Top 8 parks and reserves in Kenya you should see in 2018

8 Best Kenya National Parks and Game Reserves You Should See in 2019

Kenya remains at the forefront of wildlife safari and beach holidays. This 2018, Kenya continues to offer great opportunities for a once-in-a-lifetime safari experience! Whether you’re a newbie traveler looking to dive into the wild or an enthusiast longing for more authentic adventures, a visit to Kenya will definitely blow you away.

Kenya safari tours from UK

Kenya Safari Guide from UK – Best time to go, Visa, Safari Tours, etc…

When it comes to wildlife safari and unique adventures, Kenya is a natural favorite especially to first-timers. If you are a citizen of the United Kingdom or perhaps a visitor in the British lands who’s eyeing for Kenya safari tours from UK, this guide might just be your must-read manual!


9 reasons why Kenya is the top safari destination in 2018

Planning a trip to Africa can be daunting especially if you still have no idea where to go. If you already have your heart set on Kenya, then you’re up for some serious adventure. If not, well, maybe if you’d understand why we love Kenya then you will love it, too. Either way, here are our top 9 reasons why Kenya is the top safari destination in 2018:

Lake Nakuru National Park: Africa's Own Paradise

Lake Nakuru National Park: Africa’s Own Paradise

Lake Nakuru is an alluring natural water body, which lies to the south of Nakuru town, located in the rift valley of Kenya, and encompassed by the majestic Lake Nakuru National Park. This shallow alkaline lake is home, and an attraction to a host of wildlife, such as: Baboons, Warthogs, Zebras and several species of birds; including lesser and greater flamingos, which have been known to turn the lake, pink; when gathered in vast numbers.

Why Maasai Mara is the Best Game Reserve In Africa

Why Maasai Mara is the Best Game Reserve In Africa

Are you eyeing for a legitimate African safari experience? How about a picture-perfect vacation? Africa boasts a widespread caboodle of game reserves and wildlife zones that people flock to every year. With its vast selection of breathtaking game parks, it’s no secret that Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve remains to be the quintessential safari destination. Imagine a wide open grassland and a perennial river teeming with an incredible variety of animals — lions, giraffes, elephants, crocodiles, vultures, dik-diks and a thousand more. It’s a spectacle of nature! And that’s just one of the many wonderful things this park offers so it’s really not much of a surprise why Maasai Mara is the best game reserve in Africa. In fact, it has recently been ranked number one during the World Travel Awards (WTA). Why?

5 Reasons to go on a safari in Kenya

5 Reasons to go on a safari in Kenya

If safari, that evocative Swahili word that means ‘going on a journey,‘ resonates with you then you cannot do better than look at Kenya as one of the very best safari destinations in Africa.  The safari industry in Kenya is very mature and has been in existence since safari expeditions became popular.

Top 7 Safari Travel Essentials to bring on your Kenya Safari

Top 7 Safari Travel Essentials to bring on your Kenya Safari

Top 7 Safari Travel Essentials to bring on your Kenya Safari

Out in the wilderness, and one with nature- an authentic safari is indeed an exotic and rewarding experience. Part of this immersion is getting a taste of African life and this could be a bit challenging especially if you’ve been used to the comfort of the western world. There are several safari options in Kenya, which will, of course, allow you to enjoy the comfort of luxury camping. However, it might not have the products you thought were basic and can therefore be bought anywhere in the world. You may also find it quite challenging to find the brands that you’re used to.

Best time to go on a Safari in Kenya

Best time to go on a Safari in Kenya

Safari in Kenya is a once in a lifetime experience for all kinds of travelers. The opportunity to see animals in their natural habitat is an exotic encounter especially for people living outside of Africa where often, the closest comparison would be seeing these wildlife from National Geographic or some small-scaled zoos in some touristy places.

The Marsh Pride: End of an Era

The Marsh Pride: End of an Era

Jonathan Scott: The poisoning of members of the Marsh Pride, the world’s best known lions, highlights the need for a lasting solution to human–wildlife conflict in Africa

Lioness Bibi in her prime, with three cubs (pictured above), in the Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya. Bibi was a member of the Marsh Pride that featured in the BBC TV series “Big Cat Diary” from 1996 to 2008. Bibi died on 6 December 2015 after being poisoned along with other members of the pride. Photograph: courtesy of © Andrea Scott. All rights reserved.

Kenyan villagers out run 2 cheetahs and capture them alive

Kenyan villagers out run 2 cheetahs and capture them alive

Villagers in north-eastern Kenya out-ran and captured two cheetahs they accused of killing their goats. The villagers — near the town of Wajir — waited until the hottest part of the day to chase the cheetahs, which after some six kilometres became too tired to run any more.

The man who led the hunt said he decided to take action after 15 of his goats were killed and eaten by the cheetahs. Th villagers tied the cheetahs, which were caught alive, and took them to police demanding for compensation.

Crocodiles lie in wait for gullible gazelles

Crocodiles lie in wait for gullible gazelles

The Thompson’s gazelles stood no chance as they tip-toed into the water of the Mara River after much anxious deliberation. As their bodies sunk deeper into the water, three 20-foot Nile crocodiles started making a beeline for the gullible gazelles.


Zimbabwe elephant hunter identified as German property mogul

Zimbabwe elephant hunter identified as German property mogul

EXTRACT FROM THE FOLLOWING THIRD PARTY SOURCE: Written by: Melanie Hall for The Daily Telegraph

A leading animal rights group has named the man believed to be the German hunter who paid nearly £40,000 to shoot one of the largest elephants ever seen in Zimbabwe as a property mogul in Berlin.

PETA in Germany offered a €1,000 (£730) reward to anyone who could identify the German hunter photographed posing with the body of the huge elephant that was circulated widely online after it was revealed the animal had been killed as a trophy on a private shoot.

Notorious Chinese ‘Queen of Ivory’ arrested

Notorious Chinese ‘Queen of Ivory’ arrested

A specialized wildlife trafficking unit under Tanzania’s National and Transnational Serious Crimes Investigation Unit (NTSCIU) arrested a number of high-level Chinese ivory traffickers led by a woman who is now thought to be the most notorious ivory trafficker brought to task so far in the war against elephant poaching. She is believed to be behind the trafficking of a huge quantity of ivory over the last several years.

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