Group Joining versus Private Safari: Which one is better?

A safari trip is an experience of a lifetime, offering some of the best sights and sounds the world has ever known. Whether you are interested in witnessing myriads of wildlife basking in their natural habitat during a hot air balloon ride or having a romantic dinner watching the mesmerizing African sunset, the ideal safari trip is characterized by the fun and adventure that you encounter on such a thrilling experience. 

group or private safari

The only question is how do you intend to go about it? Should you opt for a private safari or join a group? Here’s a breakdown of their respective pros and cons so you can make an informed decision.

Group Joining Safari

Group Joining Safari

This is when a solo traveler or group of travelers embark on a safari trip together with other safari visitors. There are numerous reasons why travelers would want to opt for this kind of trip. These include:

  • Budget-friendly

Budget travelers usually opt for group joining because it’s affordable. A safari trip can be really expensive in Africa and while some can easily afford it, others have to go on a strict budget to make it come true. For this reason, those on a strict budget prefer to join a group, since it would allow them to split the cost on necessities, like fuel, feeding, and accommodation during the trip.

  • Travel Companionship

To some people, traveling alone can be somewhat boring, whereas group joining can afford you great some companions during the trip. You get the opportunity to socialize with travelers from different cultural backgrounds and enjoy a unified safari experience. On campfire nights, after a long day in the African bush, you might be grateful for the company as you clink bottles and toast to adventures and share stories.

  • Feel more secure

Traveling with a group can make you feel more secure, especially in the wild. Knowing that someone is looking out for you does put your mind more at ease.

  • Less Planning

Planning a safari trip can be quite tedious. You’ve got to make a detailed of everything you intend to do, places to see, game drives, accommodation, etc. Group joining, on the other hand, involves less planning and even lets you enjoy the benefits of shared rates.

While group joining does have its fair share of amazing benefits, it is not without its downsides. Some of which include:

  • Less Flexibility

A group safari trip is generally less flexible since itineraries have to cater to multiple people and interests. For instance, you may want to spend more time viewing the rhinos and another person in your group is rather interested in checking out some rare fauna. To avoid confusion and potential discord, itineraries need to be rigid so everyone knows what to expect at all times. This can cast a slight pall on your experience.

  • Compromise

On a group safari, you’ll find that you may have to compromise on everything. You may be faced with the challenge of who gets window seats during game drives or which of the beds to take in the tent, or even toilet stops. A safari trip should be spent relaxing and enjoying all that nature offers in the wild, and having to make compromises all the time could hamper the experience.

  • Cancellation

Many group tours have a required minimum of participants and If that does not happen, chances are the trip may be canceled or rescheduled. This can be somewhat frustrating, especially if you were already looking forward to the activity.


Private Safari

Private Safari

If you are put off by the downsides of a group joining safari tour and have the funds for it, then go for a private safari. It is the ultimate safari experience. It’s certainly more expensive, but the extra expenses compensate for the freedom and flexibility that comes with it. A safari adventure is an experience of a lifetime so you want to make sure that nothing distorts the smooth flow of activities and facilities, all tailored to your style and preference. Here’s what to expect with a private safari trip:

  • Flexible Itineraries

Nothing compares to the freedom and flexibility of private safari trip as you get to choose which wildlife parks to visit, what animals to see, and the duration you intend to spend at each location. This heightens the quality of your safari experience and lets you enjoy those moments at your own leisure. The flexibility of a private safari also makes it a better choice for families. You all get to decide on what you want to do and even cater to your kids’ unique concerns.

  • Choice Accommodation

Private safari trip allows you to create your safari experience the best way it suits you. You get to choose what accommodation is best for you at every wildlife park, without compromising on comfort or privacy.

  • Additional Safari Experience

With private safari, you have the added advantage of engaging in more activities to enhance your experience. For example, you can go on a night game drive to view some of Africa’s nocturnal animals, an event that is usually exclusive to only private safaris. You can also get access to equipment like ponchos for the rain, hot water bottles for the cold, or even a spare pair of binoculars.

  • Personal Vehicle and Driver

With private safari, you’ll usually have a personal vehicle and driver so you can make stops whenever you need to and spend as much time at a particular location. You also get to take amazing photos from great angles and delve deeper into the bush to catch sights of the more reclusive inhabitants of the park or game reserve. Your driver will be able to provide you with additional local information that will enrich the experience.

The biggest downside of a private safari is its high cost. It may be a catered experience aimed at producing the best possible outcome from every moment of your safari adventure, but the price means that only a select few can actually experience it.

So should you go for a group joining or private safari? Truth is there’s always more to the safari experience beyond costs, but if you have the funds for it, by all means go for a private safari. The ability to enjoy your safari tour at your own pace and comfort makes it the clear winner. Ready to get started? Hit us up today by completing our contact form.

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