Must Try Activities Before and after a Safari in Kenya

Over the years, tourists have come to identify Kenya as one of the best places to experience the untamed African bush and its many inhabitants. In fact, witnessing Kenya’s wildlife is a once in a lifetime experience that brings you closer to nature like never before. Asides visiting safaris and seeing wildlife, Kenya boasts lots of interesting activities you should definitely try out. Not only will you get a more holistic view of the country and all it has to offer, but also enjoy a more authentic experience that promises to be one of the highlights on your trip. That said, let’s explore some of the must-try activities before and after a safari in Kenya:

1. Cultural Visits to Local Tribes

A member of Kenyan tribe in front of the beach

What better way to get introduced to local culture and lifestyle than to visit Kenya’s villages? You could spend days in the home of ethnic communities, learning and getting involved in their daily lives as the village experience in Kenya is a reflection of the best forms of the traditional culture of the 42 tribes of Kenya. Take a trip up North to Lakeshores of Lake Turkana, at the El Molo villages and understand the mystery and strange lifestyles of the smallest tribe of Kenya, or Western to the Alego Nyangoma Kogelo village. Better yet, check out the historic ruins of Swahili villages, and also the Gede ruins down south. Couples can even get married or remarried in a magical traditional Turkana wedding style. You will be welcomed with the warmest of smiles, and your accommodation will be in the homes of villagers. Other village activities include guided walks through projects supporting the villages, farm work, trekking and shopping in the markets, eco-tours, and interactive handicraft workshops.

2. Visit Archaeological and Ethnographic Exhibits

With over 40 national parks and reserves, Kenya has long been recognized as a big game country. But it also has its fair share of international publicity through the exhibition of historical, artistic, cultural, and scientific interests. For example, Bomas of Kenya exhibit traditional villages belonging to several Kenya tribes, this tourist village is based in Lang’ ata and was established by the Government as a tourist attraction to preserve, maintain, and promote the rich and diverse cultural values of various tribal groups of Kenya. Several aspects of the Kenyan culture are displayed at the Bomas, including living styles, crafts, music, and dancing. Visitors are treated to traditional dances and acrobatics on most occasions.

One of the most outstanding and well-preserved examples of the 16th-century Portuguese military fortification can also be spotted at the Fort Jesus Museum. A world heritage site in the Mombasa built in the shape of a man with the architecture of the fort representing the rough outline of a person lying on the back with the head facing towards the sea.

3. Food Tasting Trips

Lamu Market in Kenya

Before going on a safari in Kenya, you could indulge your senses in culinary treats in the heart of Nairobi town, sample delicious local delicacies, discover secret recipes of local dishes, learn about the different cultures behind the food choices, and even try out a variety of spicy flavors that give a kick to your tastebuds. You could also take a 30-minute trip out of Nairobi to Brown’s cheese factory, and award-winning cheese factory. Going on a cheese tour at the Brown’s, you will witness how the cheese is made, and guests can settle down to a cheese platter followed by a three-course launch complete with homemade chutneys, bread, and homegrown salad.

4. Check Out the Museum in Nairobi

If you want to sample Kenya’s rich heritage both for education and leisure, the Nairobi National Museum is the perfect place to visit. It was erected back in 1929 and is the flagship museum for Kenya’s many National Museums. The building is located at the museum hill, which is a few minutes drive from Nairobi Central District. It houses a collection of Kenya’s history, nature, culture, and contemporary art. Visitors are welcome to visit throughout the year although the museum closes at 5:30 PM every day. Aside from enjoying a journey in time and exploring Kenya’s rich history, you can also indulge in a variety of dining and shopping facilities, as well as bask in a stunning array botanical gardens that deliver a serene environment.

6. Visit the Beaches

A beautiful beach in Kenya

Heading to the beach after your safari experience is the ultimate relaxation experience. With soft, silky sands that merge into a sea of clear, turquoise waters that wrap around the coastline, Kenya boasts some of the most tranquil and beautiful beaches in the world. Fringed by wild mangroves, coconut palm trees, and white-washed beach resorts, there are lots of beaches in Kenya, and you can easily pick any of its gorgeous beaches to laze on, grab a sundowner, and watch the sunset. Down the coastal town of Mombasa, you can find so many visitors and bustling beach resorts. While 56 km outside of the city, lies the Shimba Hills National Reserve, making it a perfect way to combine your classic sun, sea, and sand getaway with a wild adventure.

7. Explore the Nightlife in Mombasa or Nairobi

Nairobi at night

For a long time, Nairobi, the largest city and Kenya’s capital, has always been a shining star when it comes to a pulsating nightlife. But, Mombasa, the second-largest city has also built itself up and can show an amazing time any night of the week. Its nightlife scene is vast, from bohemian hangouts to exclusive cocktail lounges, nightlife in Kenya is a must-do whenever you find yourself in the beautiful East African country.

Kenya not only boasts some of the most legendary parks and game reserves in all of Africa but also delivers stunning activities to complement your safari experience. Looking to get the most from your Kenya safari trip, get in touch with us today to see what amazing before and after options can be included in your itinerary. Simply give us a call or fill out our contact form to get started. We look forward to hearing from you.

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