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In 1966 Colorado-born Courtland Parfet bought land in Kenya and established the Solio Ranch. His intention was to raise beef cattle, but it soon became clear to him that Kenya had a more pressing need. In 1966 there were more than 20,000 rhinos in Kenya but each year that number was declining by more than 1,000 individuals due to poaching. Something had to be done. 

In 1970 the forerunner of today’s Kenya Wildlife Service asked Parfet if he could take in a small number of black rhinos to help stave off their extinction. As the 70s progressed he took in more and more and by 1980 the ranch was home to 27 black rhinos. Eventually, he began taking in white rhinos too. Today, there are nearly 250 black and white rhinos in what is now the Solio Game Reserve, making it one of the most important rhino sanctuaries on the planet.

Solio Ranch Game Reserve
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June to September

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June to October and December to March

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Black and white rhinos, African buffalo, oryx, waterbuck and eland.

Solio Game Reserve: The big picture

There is little doubt that if you want to see rhinos in their natural habitat Solio is the place to go. But the Ranch/Reserve has become an important refuge for other species as well including African buffalo, oryx, waterbuck and eland. When you visit Solio with Flash McTours you will have a chance to see all of these magnificent animals up close and personal.

The reserve is situated between the majestic slopes of Mount Kenya to the east and the Aberdare Mountains to the southwest. Views throughout the reserve are spectacular and are a major draw in and of themselves. The reserve covers 17,500 acres (27 sq mi, 70 sq km) and, while still privately owned, works closely with the Kenyan Wildlife Service to promote wildlife conservation.

Solio Game Reserve

Experience the Solio Game Reserve with Flash McTours

Both the black and white rhino have recovered from near extinction in the 1990s thanks in large part to the efforts of the Solio Game Reserve. But the threat to these amazing animals persists. If you are planning a trip to Africa this year do not miss your opportunity to visit Solio and support the important work being done there.

Flash McTours are your best choice for Solio Game Reserve safaris. Our experienced guides will take you on an unforgettable excursion through the park that will leave a lasting impression. Get in touch with the team at Flash McTours today and reserve your spot on one of our Solio Game Reserve Safaris.

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Accommodation Accessible to Solio Ranch

 We provide accommodation within and nearby to Solio Ranch.

Rhino Watch Safari Lodge

The Rhino Watch Safari Lodge is situated in the central Kenyan highlands and offers a beautiful view of Mt Kenya. Surrounded by three wildlife reserves the lodge provides an ideal base for safari game drives.

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Solio Lodge

Solio Lodge is located on a private wildlife sanctuary, tucked in the valley between the lofty slopes of Mount Kenya and the peaks of the Aberdare Mountains, directly north of Nairobi.

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Aberdare Country Club

The Aberdare Country Club, only a two and a half hour drive northeast from Nairobi, is nestled on a slope of Mweiga Hill in the Aberdare Highlands, part of the Great Rift Valley.

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