Tarangire National Park Safari Tours

Astonishing Tarangire Park Safari Tours

Tarangire National Park has a primaeval feel to it. The landscape here is mixed and evokes images of long ago. At 1,100 square miles (2,850 square kilometres) it’s not the biggest park in East Africa, but for many visitors, it is the one that leaves the most lasting impression.

On Tarangire Park Safari Tours visitors encounter a variety of wildlife including elephants, zebras, wildebeest, buffalo, impala, giraffe, and eland as well as lions, leopards and cheetahs. The park is also home to numerous baobab trees, a species known to live 2,000 years or more.

Tarangire National Park
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June to September.

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July to March.

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Elephant, Buffalo, Wildebeest, Black Rhino, Zebra.

Tarangire Park Safari Tours

Tanzania is in many ways the land that time forgot and Tarangire Park is a perfect expression of that idea. But while time may have forgotten Tanzania, you will never forget our Tarangire Park Safari Tours. Those tours include:

  1. Plains of Tanzania Safari – This is a 4-day safari that takes you to Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara National Park and Tarangire National Park. The landscapes are breathtaking, the wildlife abundant and the accommodations superb. This is truly wild Africa at its best.
  2. Aspects of Tanzania Safari – This comprehensive 9-day safari tour begins in Arusha and takes you to Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park and Serengeti National Park before concluding with 4 days on the white sand beaches of the Indian Ocean in Zanzibar.
  3. Landscapes and Blue Ocean Safari – The Landscapes and Blue Ocean Safari promises to be 2 weeks of adventure that you will never forget. You will do a complete circuit starting in Nairobi and visiting, among other places, Amboseli, the Masai Mara, the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and Zanzibar. 
  4. The Big 5 in Tanzania Safari – People come to East Africa to see the “big 5”: elephants, rhinos, lions, buffalo and leopards. You will find them in abundance on this spectacular 9-day tour of National Parks in northeastern Tanzania.

The Tarangire Park Safari Tours listed above are just a sampling. Make sure you search our safari database to find a full listing of breathtaking safaris that focus on or include this incredible area of natural and biological diversity.

Tarangire Park Safari Tours
Ngorongoro crater safaris

Safari Tours in Tarangire National Park

We are one of the most trusted safari providers in East Africa and will provide you with Tarangire Park Safari Tours you will never forget. If Africa is on your itinerary, contact Africa Flash McTours.

9 Days
Tanzania Safari
Lake Manyara | Ngorongoro | Serengeti | Tarangire

The Big 5 in Tanzania Safari

Price From $2880 USD

This thrilling 9-day safari of Tanzania’s ‘Northern Circuit’ can be undertaken at any time of year, as the amazing parks are world-renowned for being home to a large abundance of the Big Five an

14 Days
Kenya & Tanzania
Amboseli | Lake Naivasha | Masai Mara | Ngorongoro | Serengeti | Tarangire | Zanzibar

Landscapes and Blue Ocean Safari

Price From $3995 USD

On this action-packed two week African safari tour, you explore East Africa’s best and most popular wildlife parks and reserves. In Kenya, Amboseli National Park lies in the shadow of magnificent Mo

9 Days
Tanzania Safari
Lake Manyara | Ngorongoro | Serengeti | Tarangire | Zanzibar

Aspects of Tanzania Safari

Price From $3750 USD

The most striking thing about this action-packed safari in Tanzania is the sheer number and variety of animals you will see in some extraordinary wildlife parks. Starting in Arusha, we explore Tanzani

14 Days
Kenya Safari
Amboseli | Bwindi Impenetrable | Lake Nakuru | Masai Mara | Ngorongoro | Serengeti | Tarangire

Exploring Three Nations Mega Safari

Price From $5370 USD

The east of African holds many natural wonders, from mountains to salt lakes, flamingos to gorillas. This small corner of the world is filled with beauty, wonder, and excitement with so many landscape

5 Days
Tanzania Safari
Ngorongoro | Serengeti | Tarangire

Diversity of Tanzania Safari

Price From $1345 USD

Tucked away in the northern corner of Tanzania is a diverse eco-system, packed with wildlife and gorgeous volcanic landscapes. Here, you’ll find everything you’ve imagined possible on safari in Af

4 Days
Tanzania Safari
Lake Manyara | Ngorongoro | Tarangire

Plains of Tanzania Safari

Price From $870 USD

This 4-day Tanzanian safari to Tarangire, Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro Crater National Parks is made for travellers with a passion for wildlife, scenery and birds. This tour allows you to visit three o

Best Attractions in Tarangire National Park

There are lots of fun adventures to have in Tarangire National Park. Some of these activities include:

  1. Discover the Giant Baobab Tree – Often dubbed as “The Tree of Life”, the Giant Baobab Tree is a significant source of food to a variety of animals. The bark of the tree is also used by elephants to sharpen their tusks.
  2. Explore the Swaps – Tarangire National Park contains a network of swamps which are home to a variety of birds, lions, snakes, African wild dogs and more.
  3. Largest Population of Elephants – Tarangire National Park is considered to home one of the Word’s largest population of Elephants. During the dry season (June to October) you will see herds of 300+ elephants digging in the dry riverbed in search for sources of underground water.

There are plenty of more things to do and explore, contact us for more information.

Tarangire Park Safari Tours

Accommodation in Tarangire National Park

If you’re looking for accommodation in Tarangire National Park Safari Tours, we can help. We our proud to offer a range of beautiful safari lodges.

Acacia Tarangire Luxury Camp

Acacia Tarangire Luxury Camp is a luxury thatched camp in the heart of Maasai nation and an inaccessible corner of the Tarangire. Not only they offer guests unique safari accommodation but spectacular views of the Tarangire National Park, just located near Kuru Airstrip.

  • Kenya
Lake Burunge Tented Lodge

Be a privileged spectator from this luxury camp on the shores of Lake Burunge. From the elegant wooden central platform where the Lake Burunge Tented Lodge restaurant stands it’s possible to watch the lakeshore waiting for the animals that come to drink there.

  • Kenya
Tarangire Sopa Lodge

Built to blend in with the vastness of its surroundings, Tarangire Sopa Lodge lies hidden among the kopjes, ancient baobab and grasses of the Tarangire National Park - home to the greatest concentration of elephants in Africa. Many can be seen around the lodge, allowing visitors a close encounter.

  • Kenya


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