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Mombasa is a truly international city situated on the Indian Ocean in the southeast of Kenya. Founded in approximately 900 AD Mombasa has enjoyed steady growth and thrived as a trading centre due to its strategic location and its large, safe port; one of the best natural ports on the east coast of Africa. Over the years the Portuguese, Somalis, Ottoman Turks, Omanis and finally the British all spent time administering the city and availing themselves of its many spoils. Finally, in 1964, Kenyan independence was proclaimed and the Kenyan people asserted their rightful claim to the city.

Historic Mombasa Awaits Exploration

Every foreign power that spent time and treasure to establish a beachhead in Kenya did so largely because of Mombasa port. The historic Old Town occupies a coral island in the centre of that port on which the Portuguese built Fort Jesus in 1593. Fort Jesus was expanded by both the Omanis and the British and remains largely extant. Today, it has been turned into a popular museum and cultural centre.

Mombasa is a multicultural city as witnessed by its many Islamic mosques, Christian churches and Hindu temples. Hundreds of years of colonial rule also ensured the city is a rich tapestry of architectural styles and numerous languages and dialects can be heard on any given street in the city centre. Greater Mombasa is home to a number of spectacular beaches and boasts some of the richest marine life of any African coastal community. In short, Mombasa is the perfect place to unwind after experiencing the wonders of an African safari.

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The coast of Mombasa enjoys hot weather all year round

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Between October and April

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Warm weather, historic attractions, unique cuisine, scenic beaches

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Featured Tour: Marvellous Mombasa

The Marvellous Mombasa Safari is a full-day exploration of this culturally rich, yet quintessentially African port city. Your adventure begins when our highly trained and experienced guides pick you up from your hotel in Mombasa or one of the many luxurious seaside resorts in nearby Diani. From there you embark on an exploration of Mombasa’s historic Old Town including a visit to the Fort Jesus Museum where you will learn about how trade shaped the development of Mombasa, and how a desire to control that trade contributed to many tragedies during the colonial period.

But your exploration of Mombasa is not all a dry recitation of historical events. We also encourage you to drink in the winding streets, period architecture and thriving markets that make Mombasa an in-demand destination for travellers from around the world. You will see the city’s landmark elephant tusks installed astride Moi Avenue prior to a 1952 visit by Queen Elizabeth, and you will end your day at the Akamba wood carving factory.

We offer a range of Tours and Safaris in Mombasa:

4 Days
Kenya Safari
Kenya Coast

4-Day Dream Holiday in Diani

Price From $695 USD

This relaxing 4-day holiday takes you to the idyllic Diani Beach on Kenya’s coast south of Mombasa. Whether you’re ending a Kenya wildlife safari, or preparing to head to one, or simply want to re

1 Days
Kenya Safari
Kenya Coast

Marvellous Mombasa

Price From $140 USD

Mombasa was once a heavily contested city, sitting as it does on an important international trade route. With Portuguese and Omani kingdoms fighting over rule of the island city, there is plenty to le

4 Days
Kenya Safari
Amboseli | Tsavo East | Tsavo West

West Across Kenya Safari

Price From $710 USD

Unique in the tours we offer, this safari begins in the beautiful, coastal city of Mombasa. The second city of Kenya, replete with an international airport and white-sand beaches, you can experience a

Join Africa FlashMC Tours for an Unforgettable Urban Safari in Mombasa

Mombasa has one of the most colourful histories of any East African city. It is a jewel on the Indian Ocean with attractions to satisfy history buffs, culture vultures, and those who love the hustle and bustle of ancient markets. Let our expert guides take you on an unforgettable day-long exploration of this important city in complete safety and comfort. Contact Africa FlashMC Tours today to reserve your spot.

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