Sustainable Tourism on
Kenyan Safari

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Sustainable Tourism
on Kenyan Safari

At Flash MC Tours, we know it’s our responsibility to promote the development sustainable tourism whilst on safari in Kenya. This will lead Kenya to being a better place for everyone to live and an even better destination for your African safari.

We have two main goals in mind when we promote sustainable tourism practices:

  1. To minimize our environmental impact
  2. To promote Kenya’s cultural heritage
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Masai Women Cultural Visit

Flash MC Tours and the environment

At the core of everything we do are the people and the wildlife of Kenya. Safaris allow you to learn about nature and it’s in everyone’s interest that we protect our forests, oceans, and lived culture.

How do we do that at Flash MC Tours? Firstly, we work primarily with eco-rated and classified properties across East Africa. We promote sustainable tourism through offering tours and excursions that directly benefit local communities. Our guides also take part in local tree planting sessions.

On a very real and human level, we work with our safari guests to embed sustainable tourism practices for the environment. We collect all of your trash each day and wherever there are facilities available, we ensure it is recycled or repurposed.

Environmental leadership
from Flash MC Tours

We strive to reduce our carbon footprint in everything we do. Our guides have received education and training about the best ways to work with our precious wildlife whilst on your Kenyan safari. We follow industry best practices around keeping distance and not disturbing animals whilst on safari.

Our offices in Nairobi are working to adhere to strict environmental policies. As much as possible we don’t use paper and we encourage our team to use reusable water bottles. Whilst out on safari, we promote sustainable tourism practices for all of our guides and guests and work in partnership with Travelife.

To that end, Flash MC Tours is also a member of Eco Tourism Kenya and the Kenya Association of Tour Operators. It’s important that we take a leading role in the African safari industry to protect the wildlife we love.

From its inception, our company has been about leaving only positive footprints in Kenya. This is exemplified by the integration of environmental and social best practices into every aspect of our business.

There are a number of international and regional organizations taking a leading role in sustainable tourism. Our aim is to follow the guidance of:

  • Sustainable Tourism International
  • Partnership for Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria
  • United Nations Millennium Development Goals
  • Kenya’s governmental policies

As well as engaging with the people we work with and around to make sure we live up to their expectations.

Flash MC Tours has a complete Environmental Policy that you can download. If you have any questions about sustainable tourism practices on your Kenyan safari, you can head to our contact page or email We work every day to make a difference and would love to hear your comments, queries, or suggestions.

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Elephant Family
Masai Mara Leopard

The Flash MC Tours team

Our team, from the guides and drivers that take you on safari, to our administration folk and cleaning crew, are all important to your experience. Offering everyone who works with us fairness, stability, and career progression is another element of our sustainable tourism practices.

We offer full-time, permanent contracts to the Flash MC team. A fair wage is paid, reflecting the skills, experience, and training each one has worked hard to attain.

When training is needed, we offer it. When career development is requested, we support it. You want to deal with happy workers who will make your safari memorable, from making your booking to your final airport drop-off; our happy and engaged team will give you want you need.

The carbon footprint of your Kenyan safari

The carbon footprint of your Kenyan safari

Reducing the amount of carbon produced from each safari we host is important to us. Our resources are limited. The biodiversity that we love to show you, the wildlife you travel so far to marvel at; it needs protecting at any cost.

Here at Flash MC Tours, we want to make a difference. We aim to lead by example in our industry and ensure that you are part of our eco-friendly approach. This will support the environment and also help benefit the local communities.

Part of our contribution is to support various conservancies. These projects are vital to protect threatened wildlife – those listed under CITES appendix one and two. We work with

  • Ol’ Pejeta Conservancy
  • Lewa
  • Laikipia

And many more across Kenya.

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Get involved with sustainable tourism practices on your African safari

Want to get involved with conservation? We host conservation-based safaris. These experiences allow you to contribute to the protection of black and white rhinos, elephants, and even mountain gorillas!

Deforestation is a problem the world over, and Kenya is no exception. There have been huge losses of forest cover over the last couple of decades. Through KATO, we support a wonderful tree-planting initiative. The project works to re-forest areas of Nairobi National Park.

The local community comes together to plant, water, and maintain the trees seedlings. In May 2020, our team was on hand to help with the planting of 2,000 trees in the national park.

Further, the company has partnered with Seed Balls Kenya. For us, it helps to offset our carbon footprint, and more importantly, it helps to re-forest the environment. For every booking we take, we donate US$10.00.

On a personal level, if you’d like to help plant trees whilst on Kenyan safari, we can organize this. We want to help plant as many new trees as possible. Not got time on your packed schedule to plant a tree yourself? Make a donation direct to Seed Balls Kenya so you’re still helping out.

School Trip at Lake Eelementaita with PnR 1
School Trip at Lake Eelementaita with PnR 2
School Trip at Lake Eelementaita with PnR
Tree Planting at NNP 2

Flash MC Footprint – a different angle on sustainable tourism

Founded in 2012, Flash MC Footprint is designed to improve access to quality education in Kenyan communities. With this guiding mission, the organization has expanded and education is still at the heart of what it does.

Children are the future and we need to ensure they’re educated about and aware of their cultural heritage and wildlife. This should guarantee the survival and prosperity of our treasured national parks and reserves and the animals there.

Each year, Flash MC Tours helps organize educational tours for Excel Emanuel School in Kibera Slum. We sponsor the entire project. Life in slums is really tough, with children facing severe poverty every day, a lack of food, and high crime rates. We give the children respite; providing lunch, transport, safari game drives, and even a gift to remember their experience.

The trips give the children something to look forward to and makes a difference in their lives. We show them another aspect of life, something bigger and more hopeful than the slums. The kids discover a love for nature and animals and begin to understand the power of conservation.

This is an ongoing project and we are committed to running these educational trips. For each booking we donate US$1.00 and hope to offer even more trips each year. Our guests are invited to make an additional contribution. Contact us to discuss sponsoring educational trips and being part of our sustainable tourism efforts.

Masai Cultural Welcome Dance

Making a difference on our Kenyan safaris

Our safari guide and office teams take part in regular clean-up exercises in Nairobi National Park

We assist in food distribution efforts at selected primary schools, offering out porridge and rice.

Local children’s home, “Shiphrah Center”, is Kawangware, receives our support with transportation and offering excursions for the children.

Single use plastic on your Kenyan safari

What we do to eliminate single use plastics on your safari in Kenya:

  • From February 2020, we replaced all plastic bottles used for drinking water with stainless steel bottles. These are provided for our team and guests.
  • Our bespoke bottles are high-quality, double-insulated, stainless steel – you’re welcome to take it with you after your African safari adventure. In our vehicles we carry 20-liter reusable water bottles to top up your bottle.
  • We don’t provide plastic straws for our guests at any point. If a guest requires a straw, we have bamboo straws available.
  • All our safari vehicles are stocked with recycled plastic bags. They look great and are longer lasting, too. Each of our guides follow environmentally friendly waste disposal procedures whilst out on tour, with plastics kept to an absolute minimum.
  • Our office has facilities for separation of waste into recyclables and non-recyclables. Our recycling partner is Nairobi is Taka Taka Solutions and they sort and recycle up to 95% of our waste.
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