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What’s better than a carefully crafted itinerary especially for you? However long you want to stay, whatever things you want to see, whichever places you want to go and whatever kind of adventure you seek, having a tailor-made safari vacation is the ultimate dream. You can even have it tailor-fit to suit your style, your taste, your budget, your pace!

Flash Mc Tours specializes in designing remarkable holidays that are 100% tailored to your requirements. With our in-depth expertise and experience, you will be confident that your tailor-made holiday is exactly how you want it to be: unique, bespoke, unforgettable and personal to you. If you are seeking authentic experiences around Africa, all you need to do is tell us all about your wants, your must-see’s, your must-try’s and everything in between. We’ll take care of everything – in impeccable detail!


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