Top 7 Safari Travel Essentials to bring on your Kenya Safari

Top 7 Safari Travel Essentials to bring on your Kenya Safari

Out in the wilderness, and one with nature- an authentic safari is indeed an exotic and rewarding experience. Part of this immersion is getting a taste of African life and this could be a bit challenging especially if you’ve been used to the comfort of the western world. There are several safari options in Kenya, which will, of course, allow you to enjoy the comfort of luxury camping. However, it might not have the products you thought were basic and can therefore be bought anywhere in the world. You may also find it quite challenging to find the brands that you’re used to.

Here’s our top 7 recommendations to tuck in your baggage for your upcoming Kenya safari:

Insect Repellant

Have you heard of that stereotype about Africa being infested with mosquitoes and all sorts of insects? That might be politically incorrect but we can’t discount the fact that it’s sort of true especially at night. Risk not and slather your skin with insect repellant to avoid any hassle. Pick natural products such as those made from Citronella- better for your skin, best for nature.

Emergency Medicines

Out in the camp, pharmacy is not one of the common stores you’ll see… or not at all. Your safari operator must have this kit available but it’s best to bring a few of your own tried and tested brand. Don’t forget to include anti-allergy, eye drops, medicines for diarrhea, dizziness, anti-itch, tampons, and some band-aids in your kit too.

Power Bank

Out in the wilderness, most camps follow a certain schedule for when electricity is available. Because of this, your charging time is cut to at least half compared to when you’re in the city. Hence, it’s best to keep a power bank handy especially to charge your phone and camera.

Flash Light

Most camps and lodges in general call for lights off at a certain hour. At this time, unless a bonfire is available, the stars will be your only source of light. If you fancy strolling out in the middle of the night to get some cool, then this is your best friend.


You may not be there to go swimming but you won’t be hanging out inside your room either. During game viewing, you will be in a vehicle with a pop-up roof but at most times, you would have to stick your head out there to see the animals hence, expose your skin to harmful UV rays; more so in the case of walking safaris among other outdoor activities.


Before you set off, make sure to check the socket they use in the country where you’re headed.  This because we all need to charge and use our phones, camera, and laptop. And because electricity is useless if we cannot connect to the socket without the right adapter.

Hand Sanitizer

Like your mom use to always say: Wash your hands before eating. Indeed,

keeping your hands clean before touching your food will do you good. In a foreign country like Africa, this habit would do you wonder especially because some very local places don’t have sink and water available to tidy up your hands.

Lastly, remember to pack light!



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