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Daily Tour 7 to 9 days
Kenya Kenya

Kenya’s stunning landscape is truly a place to fall in love with, and seeing it from the skies offers you a whole new perspective. With our flying safari you are transferred between three of the best parks in the country by scheduled domestic flights so that your time can be spent viewing the animals and enjoying your luxury safari accommodation.

The parks that we take you too host the wonderful and iconic animals that are synonymous with a safari experience, including the big five of African safari:

  • Elephants
  • Buffalo
  • Rhinos
  • Lions
  • Leopards

As well as the other stunning animals that you may have only see in documentaries or zoos before. Your tour will be private and your drivers and vehicles dedicated only to you and your party, ensuring comfort and a personalised experience.

We have chosen some of the best, luxury safari accommodation on offer across Amboseli, Samburu, and Masai Mara to ensure your stay is comfortable and relaxing as well as full of joy and adventure.

Included in your luxury safari tour is:

  • All transfers and flights
  • All accommodation during the tour
  • All meals and drinking water during the tour
  • Flying Doctors medical, emergency, and rescue cover
  • All game drives as noted in the itinerary
  • Transport in a private 4 x 4 Safari Jeep with an open roof
  • English speaking tour guide/driver
  • All applicable government taxes, levies and park entrance fees
  • Personalized private service

Not included in your African safari tour is

  • International flights and taxes
  • Passports and visa applications and processing
  • Travel insurance
  • Tips and gratuities for drivers/guides
  • Personal laundry
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Entrance fee for activities noted as optional
  • A visit to a Masai Village, US$20 per person
  • A Balloon Safari, US$425 per person
Price Information & Seasons

Prices are Per Person Sharing. Travelling is in a pop-up safari vehicle, and accommodation is in a Double/Twin Room/Tent.

Display Rates In USD EUR GBP
Luxury Package
High Season
July 01- October 31 | Dec 23 – Jan 2
Mid Season
Jan 02- March 31 | April 19- April 22
Jun 16- June 31 | Nov 01- Dec 22
Low Season
April 01- June 15
1 people€ 5431.15€ 4888.03€ 4227.94
2 people€ 3914.61€ 3622.16€ 3350.60
4 people€ 3455.05€ 3162.60€ 2891.04
6 people€ 3304.65€ 3012.20€ 2740.64
Premium Package
High Season
July 01- October 31 | Dec 23 – Jan 2
Mid Season
Jan 02- March 31 | April 19- April 22
Jun 16- June 31 | Nov 01- Dec 22
Low Season
April 01- June 15
1 people€ 7144.05€ 6275.07€ 5071.86
2 people€ 5163.77€ 4654.08€ 3864.47
4 people€ 4704.21€ 4194.52€ 3404.91
6 people€ 4549.63€ 4039.94€ 3254.51


per person sharing
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  All rates are in US Dollars  per person
  Children between 12 – 17 years will pay 75% of the adult rates
  Children between 3 – 11 years will pay 50% of the adult rate
  Children Below 3 years is FREE
  Kindly request rates for Easter, Christmas and New Years Supplement!


Day 1 Nairobi to Amboseli National Park by Plane

An early start, with either a pick up from the international airport, your hotel, or residence will start the day and we will then take you to Wilson Airport where you’ll take a scheduled flight to Amboseli National Park. Take your time to watch the landscape jet past you – the Great African Rift Valley and its geological fault cuts through the land and creates vast lakes and mountains.

From Amboseli Airport, your driver will collect you and take you on a short game drive to arrive at your luxury safari accommodation within the park itself. Travelling through the park you will be introduced to your faithful companion as you explore the park, Mount Kilimanjaro. At your lodge or camp, lunch will be served and there will be time to relax and unwind, either at the pool, in the gardens, or in seating area with parkland views.

Late afternoon sees you taken on your first extended game drive, with Kilimanjaro ever-present and providing a majestic background to your photos. The drive will be timed just perfectly to allow you to watch the sun set over the park and the animals of the day settle in for the night ahead. Your evening is spent in the luxury surroundings of your accommodation, where you will also be served dinner.

Included in the first night on luxury safari is:

  • Luxury accommodation at your camp or lodge
  • Overnight stay inside Amboseli National Park
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Drinking water, other drinks are extra

Day 2 Full Day in Amboseli National Park

Dawn is a magnificent time in Amboseli, before the clouds roll in the crown Kilimanjaro you can see her wonderful, snow-capped peak as the morning rays begin to warm the land around. The chorus of animals as they begin a fresh day of basking and feeding is an experience you must partake in when on safari. An early morning game drive will offer all of this to you before you are returned to your accommodation for breakfast.

Further game drives in the day will afford you chances to find the creatures you have travelled so far to see:

  • Elephants
  • Giraffes
  • Lions
  • Leopards
  • Zebras
  • Wildebeest

And myriad other animals that are so closely woven with your ideas of African safari. Your driver is an expert Kenyan safari guide, and as such is perfectly placed to help you track down the animals, identify the species, and maybe even help find the perfect angles for your photographs.

After a day spent in the wilds, with lunch served picnic style, you return to your luxury safari lodge to take dinner and unwind. The second day of your luxury safari tour includes:

  • Luxury accommodation at your Camp or Lodge
  • Overnight stay inside Amboseli National Park
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Drinking water, other drinks are extra

Day 3 Amboseli National Park to Samburu National Reserve by Plane

Breakfast will be taken at your accommodation and then you will be returned, via the park, to Amboseli Airport for a flight back to Nairobi and connected to a second scheduled flight to Samburu Airport. The journey to the north of the country will explore a different type of landscape, with plantations and an opportunity to see Africa’s second highest peak, Mount Kenya.

From the airport, your driver will pick you up and progress to your chosen luxury safari accommodation which will also include a game drive through Samburu where you can start to familiarise yourself with the craggy, acacia dotted landscape. When you reach your camp or lodge, you will be greeted with lunch and given time to rest and explore your hotel, with swimming pools and terraces to spend some downtime.

You will be taken on a full game drive in the late afternoon, exploring the riverine territory, accompanied by Koitogor and Ololokwe mountains. The cooling air brings the wildlife back to activity, you may be lucky enough to see cubs playing, elephants drinking at the river, or leopards hunting as the sun rapidly falls behind the horizon.

Returning to your lodge or camp, you will be served dinner and again have chance to take advantage of the luxury facilities that are provided for you. Your third day on luxury safari includes:

  • Luxury accommodation at your camp or lodge
  • Overnight stay inside Samburu National Park
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Drinking water, other drinks are extra

Day 4 Full Day in Samburu National Reserve

Rise early and head into the park to witness the dawn chorus; nocturnal animals return to their dens and the creatures of the day start out with their calls and songs. With over 350 bird species, their singing will never be far away either. Once the sun has risen over the park you will return to the lodge for breakfast and head back out to explore the morning across the savanna.

Lunchtime sees you return to your lodge or camp and offers a chance to cool down, relax, and contemplate the wonders that are unfolding in your luxury safari adventure. The day ends with one last game drive, one more sunset, and one last chance to see some of the stunning:

  • Giraffes
  • Zebras
  • Elephants
  • Gazelles
  • Lions

And other animals that populate this stunning park.

After the sun once again sets over a magical day on the plains, your dinner will be served at your luxury safari accommodation and you can take one last chance to use the spa and massage facilities, which are optional extras with additional costs. This fourth day of your luxury safari includes:

  • Luxury accommodation at your camp or lodge
  • Overnight stay inside Samburu National Park
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Drinking water, other drinks are extra

Day 5 Samburu National Reserve to Masai Mara National Reserve by Plane

You get one last chance to see the day break over Samburu with an early morning game drive through the park before returning to your lodge for breakfast. From there, you will go back to the airstrip at Samburu Airport and take a scheduled domestic flight where you will track south to the Masai Mara.

From the airstrip you will be greeted by your driver and taken on a short game drive en route to your luxury safari accommodation. When you arrive at the lodge or camp you have chosen, you will be served lunch and offered time to rest and familiarise yourself with the luxurious surroundings. You can take a swim in the pool, take advantage of the optional spa treatments, or take a sleep in your well-appointed room.

Your first true experience of the wonder of the Masai Mara comes in the afternoon. This is one of the most densely populated parks in Kenya, with ample wildlife to observe and marvel at. Among the famed animals you can see here are:

  • Elephants
  • Lions
  • Leopards
  • Giraffes
  • Rhinos
  • Hippos
  • Baboons

As well as many more that will astound you with their beauty. The game drive will conclude and the sun sets, turning the skies hues of orange, purple, and pink.

Evening at your lodge or camp will have dinner served and give you chance to watch over the plains as they sit in dark and relative quiet. Day five of your luxury safari in Kenya includes:

  • Luxury accommodation at your camp or lodge
  • Overnight stay inside Masai Mara National Reserve
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Drinking water, other drinks are extra

Day 6 Full Day in Masai Mara National Reserve 

After breakfast overlooking the vast savanna, you will start your day exploring the wonders of the Masai Mara. The landscape undulates towards the horizon, with the odd acacia tree providing just enough shade for the animals in the beating sun.

Vast herds migrate across these lands, and those lucky enough to visit between July and October may be able to watch one of the largest movements of living beings the planet witnesses. Even outside of these times, there are chances to see the plains filled with herds as far your eye can see, with zebra, buffalo, and wildebeest roaming the lands.

Lunch is served picnic style in the park, allowing you the chance to roam deep into the reserve without having to retrace any steps. The further you explore the more animals will present themselves, away from the places most visitors roam. Evening returns you to your lodge or camp for dinner and rest after a long and fruitful day on the plains of the Masai Mara.

Included in day six of your luxury safari is:

  • Luxury accommodation at your camp or lodge
  • Overnight stay inside Masai Mara National Reserve
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Drinking water, other drinks are extra

Day 7 Full Day in Masai Mara National Reserve

For your second full day inside Masai Mara, you can take the opportunity to experience safari in new and exciting ways. As an optional extra you can take a Balloon Safari in the early morning, floating across the Masai Mara and able to watch the daylight spill over the savanna from hundreds of metres in the air. For this wonderful experience there is an additional cost of $425 per person, which gives you a perspective few get to see in Kenya.

A game drive will follow breakfast as you once again set out into to Masai Mara to discover the majesty within. The Masai people have formed a deep bond with the land they roam through, grazing their animals across the territory since time immemorial. We offer you the chance to visit one of their villages, where they will greet you with a song and dance native to their culture. You have time to explore the village, learn about the culture, and even visit one of their homes to better understand their way of life. As another optional extra, there is a charge of $20 to visit the Masai village.

With the aim of giving you the optimum amount of time surrounded by the natural landscape of the Masai Mara, lunch is once more given to you as a picnic that you will eat at a stop in the midst of the plains. Staying out for the afternoon, the air cools and the activity level increase, giving you a final chance to capture the splendour of your surroundings. You last dinner will be served back at your luxury safari accommodation. Included in your last full day on luxury safari is:

  • Luxury accommodation at your camp or lodge
  • Overnight stay inside Masai Mara National Reserve
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Drinking water, other drinks are extra

Day 8 Masai Mara National Reserve to Nairobi by Plane

After seeing dawn break from the air on your previous day, you can rise early on your last day for an early morning game drive as your swan song to the Masai Mara and your luxury safari experience. You will return to the chosen camp or lodge for breakfast and take a short drive through the park to make your way to the airstrip.

The scheduled flight will return you north to Nairobi, where you can have lunch and we will transfer you to the international airport, your hotel, or your residence, depending on your onward arrangements.

Included in the final day of your luxury safari experience is:

  • No accommodation, this is the final day
  • Breakfast and lunch, no dinner
  • Drinking water, other drinks are extra


You can choose from the following accommodation options

  • Luxury lodges and tented camps
  • Premium lodge and tented camps

Positive Impact Travel

By joining this trip you are directly supporting positive impact projects in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We’ve offset the carbon emitted by this trip by purchasing credits that support important projects that address the UN’s seventeen SDGs, like reducing poverty, affordable and clean energy, reducing hunger, clean water and climate action.

Proceeds from this adventure purchase carbon credits through the local and most awarded carbon project developer, which are invested into projects accelerating the transition to renewable energy sources in our developing countries.

Supported projects are based on internationally recognized standards and are third-party audited. They entail a series of positive impacts on the ground, which benefit local communities and ecosystems, that are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Total: $3,655 From $3,655 /person
× $3,655 = $3,655
  • 300+ 5-star TripAdvisor and Google reviews
  • Customisable tours
  • Personalized service by travel experts with first-hand knowledge
  • Booking Security - Member of KATO
  • 24/7 Support. Call:+254 726 042 070

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