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This is the perfect place for the adventurous who would like a good adrenaline rush when rafting in River Tana, which provides grade 3- 5 rapids. Be it Kayaking or diving or plunging in a height of 40 ft. waterfall into the wild waters of Sagana river, it provides everything that you are looking for. Rapids Camp is privy to have hosted the first ever Africa Olympic qualifier /Kayaking championship in January 2008 with over 16 African countries participating in a breathtaking event. Rapids Camp has the best site to capture life photos for rafting and Kayaking Junkies in Kenya, being the only camp in with a massive waterfall.

We do suggest that after rafting in Sagana(Tana) Kenya, you take advantage of the camp activities like, camping, kayaking, team building, river trekking, rock climbing, or just relax in the beautifully manicured lawns. Ala carte lunch at the Rapids Camp is also served as you wait. For bush breakfast, lunch or dinner you need to place an order first as we are a self-catering camp in Kenya. Rapids Camp remains a preferred place for white water rafting in Kenya and remains the best place in the country to take rafting photos.

Experience the real scene for white water rafting in Kenya and book with us.

Remember, Sagana is the only place for white water rafting in Kenya.

Rapids Camp white water rafting itinerary and Commercial trips in Kenya.
Our programs begin either at 9am or 2pm.The rafting trip is about 12 km long stretch and we negotiate different river route under our qualified guides.The routes have different grades of rapids from flat water to grade 5 rapids depending on the season.April to may has the highest levels of water because of the monsoon long rains in Kenya and November to December the same.

On arrival, you have a small safety briefing which lasts between 10-15 minutes whereby by you are introduced to the rafting guide for any questions.A waiver form will be filled at the beginning of every rafting trip.

During the rafting expeditions trips Rapids Camp will combine water glides, stress free and Angles bowl or even our 40 ft Rapids falls plunge. All this extra activities the rafting team and guides will take safety measures to ensure client safety.

Guys are picked in a truck fitted with some benches and here we go for our Sagana rafting expedition.

As indicated, they are many routes to rafting in Sagana, which requires some technicality going down stream. You arrive at the camp at around one via our own very waterfall and one of the Kenya’s magnificent waterfall.We travel down the rapids the amazing angles bowl, stress-free programs and final alight at the mens bathroom. Guest a light all together carry the raft to the camp.

Our bathrooms have hot water and which can shower and change clothes and lunch is served between 1.30pm to 2.30pm.

Sagana 2pm commercial river rafting trips.
Our amazing trips start at 2pm with a general brief on what to expect as in the case of the morning trips.Its takes 4 hrs from Sagana “hippo” point just a name.We pass through all the amazing place as you do bird watching in the evening.

Our Sagana rafting trip will end at around 6pm in the evening and a cup of coffee is served. Groups can extend their adventure by doing moonlight walk and a combination of our alacart meals, the so called Kenya white water bonfire evening as guest watch the stars on a clear day.The next morning our bush breakfast is served next to thewaterfalls at 8 am. Groups can depart or extend the adventure visit by doing Kayaking on flat waters for the first timers or even in the grade 3 rapids with guys who understand the sport. After breakfast we do have boulders(rocks) good for both amatuar and professional rock climbers. Many groups have enjoyed the same at the amazing Rapids Sagana camp.

Kayaking and Rafting Mathioya river in Kenya
Mathioya River is one of the most technical river in Kenya.It starts from Aberdare forest which is one of the five most important water towers in Kenya. Unlike the Tana or Sagana as locals know it, it can only be likeded to corado in the USA.When full mathioya produces the most tecnical rapids in Kenya.Only guys who have a previous knowledge in ratfing or experience in other country can conquer the Mathioya river. Mathioya has two tributaries the mathiya gatacioma and Mathioya ma iyego.

We also do kayaking in this most technical river in Kenya.Our Mathioya or Sagana river rafting trips can take us to short trips to forthall HQ and Mukurwe wa Nyagathanga which the local dialect groups speak.

We can also organize a cultural exchange program for any group in Kenya or internationally.

Kenya Rafting Packages
White water rafting Sagana+Bazuka Tent

Our white water rafting package includes 4 hrs of commercial river trip with Rapids Camp Sagana. This includes the 45 ft plunge during the Sagana rafting session. The Bazuka tent accommodates two adults, with a child below 5yrs at KSH 7,000. This includes bush breakfast .This package includes either full board, half board, or self catering basis.

White water rafting with Dome Tent
The Sagana rafting trip remains like the above, but one is provided with camping gears which includes mattresses, beddings. This package includes either full board, half board, or self catering basis .

Sagana commercial river trip
This is one day river excursion in Sagana. The day could start at 9am or even at 2pm. When commercial rafting clients will encounter bird watching adventure during the rafting trip, beautiful, canyons and different river cataracts and river creeks.

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