Why You Should Do A Kenya And Tanzania Safari Combo

A safari adventure is something that should be on every traveler’s bucket list. Step out of your usual comfort zone and into the breathtaking, beautiful wild where you will spend time in the sun and under the stars, and experience nature at its most intimate. The only question is where are the best places to visit? While there’s a number of factors to consider, there are no two countries more synonymous with African safari than Kenya and Tanzania. So why not visit both? A combined itinerary involving both countries is one of epic proportions. Here’s why:

They both have some of the highest wildlife concentrations in Africa

Wildlife Rich

Witnessing the spectacle of wildlife in their natural habitat is one of the main highlights of any safari tour and these countries have these wildlife in abundance. Kenya and Tanzania have taken giant steps in wildlife conservation by dedicating significant portions of their lands towards game reserves, national parks, and private conservancies. As such, you can expect to see a more robust population of almost every animal that is endemic to the region and then some.  

Both Tanzania and Kenya boast diverse, panoramic landscapes that serve as the perfect backdrop for their wildlife. The “Big Five” – lion, buffalo, rhino, elephant, leopard can be found in both countries, while a myriad of other animals, including grevy’s zebra, Somali ostrich, gerenuk, beisa oryx, and reticulated giraffes can be spotted during your tour in Kenya. Cross over to Tanzania and you’ll be greeted with sights of Dwarf galagos, Sanje mangabeys, Pemba flying foxes, blue-and-white colobus, and baboons.

The annual Great Migration only occurs only in Kenya and Tanzania

wildebeest migration

Recognized as the greatest wildlife spectacle on the planet, the Great Migration is a yearly event featuring millions of wildebeests, elands, topis, Thomson’s gazelles, and zebras flocking in droves from the Serengeti in Tanzania to the Masai Mara in Kenya to find better grazing. In fact, this is the leading motivation for many travelers to embark on a safari tour in the first place. It is also the main tourism highlight of Kenya and Tanzania.

It is not just the sight of millions of animals thundering across the endless plains that astounds you, but also the drama that unfolds during the event. Their journey is an actual representation of the circle of life since they have to wade thru crocodile and hippo infested waters, as well as suffer losses at the hands of land predators like lions and leopards. The calving season then replenishes the herd as thousands are born every day for about eight weeks. As the Great Migration is a well known event, several tour operators offer packages that let you take in all the action from different strategic locations across Kenya and Tanzania.

Travel ease between both countries

Transportation Options

Ease of access between Kenya and Tanzania means a combined safari tour is ideal and even more convenient, especially for first-timers. Regardless of which country you choose as your original point of entry, you can easily take a bus ride into the next country to continue with your safari activities. Of course, tour operators can also organize transportation options for travelers, but if you’d like to get fully immersed in the culture of both countries, then sharing a bus ride with the locals may not seem like such a bad idea. At an average of cost of around 40 to 80 USD, taking the bus is pretty good for your pockets too.

Kenya and Tanzania offer a more authentic safari appeal

accommodation bathroom

Kenya and Tanzania have been at the forefront of safari adventure for years. In fact, the term ‘safari’ is a Swahili word meaning journey. The majority of the national parks and game reserves in both countries are open spaces without clear demarcations between the animal areas and those occupied by the people. This pretty much means a more intimate experience with nature so if an authentic safari experience is what you seek, then a Kenya and Tanzania safari combo makes the most sense. Picture sipping your coffee (or beer) in your camp and just a few hundred yards across from you is a young Maasai boy herding his family cattle in the same grassy plains teeming with families of elephant, giraffe, and zebra. It’s a wondrous sight to behold.

Variety of cultural tours provide a richer safari experience

Maasai Tribe Dance

Kenya and Tanzania are home to some of Africa’s oldest and most fascinating tribes, and a combined safari affords you the opportunity to meet some of these tribes. It promises to be an educational experience unlike any other as you interact with the tribal people, learn about their history and customs, eat their local dishes, and even participate in their traditional ceremonies.

The Africans people are hospitable and often perform welcoming ceremonies for visitors. For instance, the Masai tribes in both Kenya and Tanzania have been known to perform their famous adamu, a jumping dance impressive not only for its energy but also for its deceptively simple appearance. During your visit, they can invite you to participate, but you’ll quickly realize that it’s much harder than it looks. It’s all good fun.

Incredible attractions and thrilling activities

Zanzibar Beach

Some of the top attractions in Africa are scattered across Kenya and Tanzania, so why not enjoy them by signing up for a combo safari? If you have some time to spare after touring the various national parks and private conservancies in both countries, then what better way to cap off your African adventure than by heading to some of the nearby dazzling beaches, such as Zanzibar in Tanzania and Watamu Beach along the Kenyan coast. Bask in the fine white sand overlapping crystal turquoise waters and relish a whole new experience with various water-based activities like kite surfing, kayaking, and snorkeling.  

A Kenya and Tanzania safari combo offers everything you would want in a safari – thrilling adventures, picture-perfect scenery, magnificent wildlife, and an experience like no other. Book yours today!

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