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At Flash McTours we offer an array of safaris that will satisfy everyone from families with children to experienced travellers who like to live just a bit further out on the edge. If you are an adventurous type looking for something that’s decidedly out of the ordinary you owe it to yourself to try one of our Night Game Drives. Whereas most visitors only experience the African plains during the day, Night Game Drives provide the other side of the safari coin.

Night Game Drives
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June to October

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November to February

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Aardvarks, porcupines, civet cats, hippos, lions, leopards, zebras.

What you will see on a Night Game Drive?

After the sun goes down the character of the plains changes completely as many animals hunker down for the night and others emerge. Aardvarks, porcupines, civet cats and other nocturnal animals begin their nightly foraging and hunting rituals, but they’re not alone. Hippos typically leave the water at night and saunter up onto the plains to graze. While many of the big cats you will see lounging around in the shade during the day also become active at night. It is not unusual to witness lions or leopards aggressively pursuing zebra, wildebeest and other large mammals on one of our Night Game Drives.

And let’s be real, most people who opt for a night safari want to see the big cats in action. Fortunately, when they venture out at night with Flash McTours they are rarely disappointed. Lions, leopards, African wildcats and more are dedicated nocturnal predators for whom the cool night air is ideal for conducting the hard work of bringing down large mammals. In fact, of all the most common big cat species only the cheetah prefers to hunt during the day. As such cheetah sightings at night are a rarity. 

In most cases, lions emerge from their heat-induced daytime lethargy in the final hours before sunset. During that time they conduct scouting missions to identify potential prey and then they wait. When the sun goes down they pounce. Female lions most often engage in communal hunts while male lions tend to hunt alone. In either case, witnessing the savage splendour of the night hunt will leave an indelible impression on your spirit.

Night Safaris

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You haven’t really experienced Africa until you have taken one of our unforgettable Night Game Drives. Not all parks allow night-time safaris, however. So before you set your travel plans in stone make sure you contact the team at Flash McTours to learn more about this exciting safari option.

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