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Between late June to October (Dry Season)

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Between August to October (Great Migration)

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Masai Mara National Reserve, Amboseli National Park, Lake Nakuru and The Great Migration.

About Kenya

Safaris in Kenya

A gem in the east, Kenya is home to some of Africa’s finest attractions including the Great Migration and a couple of world-renowned game reserves, private conservancies and parks. It boasts of a diverse, immaculate landscape that’s teeming with a world-class avifauna and an incredible array of wildlife. Some of the most amazing creatures you can find are the mighty “Big Five” that’s plenty all year round and the “Little Five” that includes leopard tortoises and antlions. The “Special Five” like Somali ostriches and reticulated giraffes are also abundant as well as migrating wildebeests, zebras and gazelles that graze the Kenyan plains in thick herds. The wildlife doesn’t even end there! Kenya also features a glorious coral wilderness at Kenyan Barrier Reef, the second largest coral reef in the world!

Kenya Safari Holidays 2022

Kenya is one of the countries you will find located in the East African region. It is known for the wildlife in the area and for its amazing scenery. There are numerous parks in the area that tourists can enjoy such as the popular Masai Mara National Reserve, the Amboseli National Park where you’ll find herds of elephants, Lake Nakuru with its pink flamingos inhabitants amongst many others.

It boasts of a diverse, immaculate landscape that’s teeming with a world-class fauna and an incredible array of wildlife. Some of the most amazing creatures you can find are the mighty “Big Five” that’s plenty all year round and the “Little Five” that includes leopard tortoises and antlions. The “Special Five” like Somali ostriches and reticulated giraffes are also abundant as well as migrating wildebeests, zebras and gazelles that graze the Kenyan plains in thick herds. The country is also known to be the home of diverse tribes such as the Masai Tribe who you’ll come across in your safari journey in the area. There’s definitely a lot to discover in Kenya!

English is widely spoken in Kenya most especially true in the main cities like Nairobi. But the local language is known as Swahili. Here’s a couple of Swahili words we think that will be useful for you during your safari tour:

  • Hello! – Jambo!
  • How are you? – Habari?
  • Good, fine – Mzuri
  • Thank you (very much) – Asante (sana)

Kenyan culture is diverse and we can see that in their religious practices. Around half of the population are Christians, 10% are Muslims and there are some who belong to the Hindu and Sikh minorities. The rest are those who follow African traditions which is often described to be of animist beliefs. Kenyans are warm welcoming people and you can even see this in the tribes residing in the area and not just in the main cities. These people will welcome you with a smile, a song and a dance teaching you of their tradition and a way of life that is uniquely theirs.

As well as our Safaris in Kenya, we also offer a range of other African Safaris. Take a look at our Safaris in TanzaniaSafaris in Uganda. If you are looking for the best places to stay in Kenya, take a look at at our accommodation in Kenya page, here.

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Masai Mara

The Masai Mara National Reserve is best known for the Great Wildebeest Migration. Many tourists come to this area to watch the Wildebeest herds and catch game action between predators and their prey. It is one of the oldest and best reserves in Kenya with a huge concentration of wildlife. There are four main terrains in the Masai Mara to see and experience. The East where the Ngama Hills is located has sandy soil and leafy bushes. The Western boundary has a spectacular plateau. The central plains which has scattered bushes and grasslands. And lastly, the Mara triangle where there are grasslands and acacia woodlands.

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Mombasa is a wonderful blend of different cultures ranging from India, Arabia and Africa. A melting pot of tradition and languages it sometimes feels like another world when you find yourself in the middle of it all. It is found in the eastern coastline of Kenya and is a popular stop for many tourists for its beaches. The marine life in the area is exquisite and definitely something to experience. This would make a great stop for many after enjoying the adventures of a bush safari. There are numerous activities available for everyone in the area.

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The Amboseli National Park is where you want to be if you want to be in the midst of the world’s largest mammals. Elephants are known to call this area home and it is a stunning sight to see. Another exciting feature of this park is that you are also able to get a wonderful view of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in the continent. Its snowy caps visible from the grounds. Tourist who venture into the park are also able to take time to visit the Masai Tribe community in the area to experience their culture and tradition.


3 Days
Kenya Safari

Amazing Amboseli Safari

Price From $405 USD

In Amboseli National Park, elephants roam against a backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro. Located in southern Kenya, you can take your Kenyan safari through one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet.

7 Days
Kenya Safari
Amboseli | Lake Naivasha | Lake Nakuru | Masai Mara

Lakes and Plains of Kenya Safari

Price From $1480 USD

Taking in the icons of safari in Africa, this tour will show the wonders of the Masai Mara National Reserve, explore the lakes of the Rift Valley, and show you the wonders of Amboseli National Park. T

3 Days
Kenya Safari
Masai Mara

Wonders of the Masai Mara Safari

Price From $505 USD

The Masai Mara is renowned the world over for its savanna, it’s hills, and of course, it’s wildlife. Inside the Masai Mara National Reserve resides some of the most glorious animals to grace the p

6 Days
Kenya Safari
Amboseli | Lake Nakuru | Masai Mara

Ultimate Kenyan Safari

Price From $1265 USD

For the ultimate Kenyan safari experience, choose to explore the Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru, and Amboseli on this six-day trip through the mesmerising African landscape. The

9 Days
Kenya Safari
Amboseli | Lake Naivasha | Lake Nakuru | Masai Mara | Tsavo East | Tsavo West

Classic Family Exploration Safari

Price From $1920 USD

Perfect for families and groups of friends, this safari winds its way through the great parks and past the great lakes of Kenya. All the animals of your dreams are roaming wild through these parts of

4 Days
Kenya Safari
Lake Nakuru | Masai Mara

Birds and Beasts of Kenya Safari

Price From $705 USD

With the splendor of the Masai Mara, coupled with the majesty of Lake Nakuru, this African safari is the perfect choice for both animal and bird lovers. Famed for its population of big cats, such as


Ilkeliani Camp

Nestled in a river glade in the Maasai Mara Game Reserve, the area is a favorite for elephants coming to drink from the Talek River. The camp has been designed to combine the old traditional safari style with a modern and fresh feel...

  • Kenya
Sarova Mara Game Camp

By virtue of its location and layout, the camp offers an unparalleled plethora of activities and experiences from luxury tented living to bird-watching, mini golf, sport fishing and a unique insight into the Maasai culture at the adjoining Maasai village...

  • Kenya
Mara Crossings Camp

An eco friendly luxury tented camp, Mara Crossings Camp is uniquely located on the banks of the World famous Mara River. Vibrant and rejuvenating, Mara Crossings Camp lies among indigenous shrubs right at the mighty rivers edge ...

  • Kenya

Frequently Asked Questions

Kenya is a treasure trove of biodiversity and home to some of the world’s most compelling animals. The abundance of wildlife in Kenya is legendary so, depending on your itinerary, you can expect to see:

  • Lions, leopards and cheetahs
  • Hippos
  • African elephants
  • Rhinos
  • Reticulated giraffe
  • African buffalo
  • Zebra
  • Wildebeest
  • Nile crocodile
  • And more…

We offer a variety of Safari package holidays that encompass Amboseli National Park, Masai Mara National Reserve, Tsavo East, Tsavo West, Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Lake Nakuru, Lewa Conservancy, Mombasa and more.

Because of its location on the equator, the climate in Kenya is quite pleasant. Temperature and rainfall do vary depending on the altitude and terrain. There are 2 rainy seasons. A short one from late October through the end of November, and a long one from March to early June. Most people believe the best Kenya safari trips occur between late June and early October.

It’s recommended that visitors to Kenya get vaccinated for:

  • Hepatitis A
  • Yellow fever
  • Meningitis
  • Typhoid

It is recommended that all people coming on Kenya safari holidays be fully vaccinated against the coronavirus (covid-19) before travelling to Kenya, although it is not mandatory. It is, however, necessary that you have a negative covid-19 PCR test no more than 3 days before arriving. Since there is a risk of malaria it is also recommended that travellers take prescription malaria pills in the days before arriving in Kenya, while in the country and for a time after returning home.

People coming for Kenya safari holidays in 2022, or Kenya safari tours will need a Visitor Visa which they can apply for here . Until last year visitors from many countries were able to obtain a visa on arrival. However, as of January 1, 2021, that is no longer the case and everyone must apply via the online application form before arriving in the country. Check the application form page for a full list of required documents for your safari trip.

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